Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Opportunity........

Brrrrrr........wonderfully foggy outside, London weather.  And colder than something,  even my cats in their wonderful fur coats don't want to be out in it.  Oh well, they have become wusses, as is their mistress.  I'm looking forward to my new adventure, same town, same company but another site. Also joined a gym and Weight gonna get this body I'm walking around in more fit and healthier. I'm looking forward to that.  Will then, and only then, sew up a plethora of new clothes for myself.  To all who are in contact with this, have a wonderful day and bless you all.  Love.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

beginning 2012

WOW.......and here we go.  Made it another year........I'm grateful for just being alive, all I've been given and all I haven't.  I work part time at a couple of jobs I really love, with people I love also.  I sincerely do love retail, have seemed to return to it; first while in college, and second upon graduating. I love the whole experience, not  just the people I get to meet, but the colors, the way a store is laid out, the sales......I get to look at, touch, open and sniff all kinds of products, and don't feel the need to buy. Couldn't get any better.  I really like shopping all year long for future gifts; I have a plastic tote I put the stuff in, and when a day happens that I can use one, I'm all set. Love that feeling.  I wish all my friends and family the very best the new year has to offer one and all.  Follow your passion, it's so important.