Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Almost Fall

It's almost Fall, get to smelling like it at times, Fall is my favorite time of the entire year I think......and each year when I get to experience it, I feel blessed.  I am starting a new way of eating, and am loving it, can eat lots of food; mostly fruit and veggies, some Tofu and other good stuff.  Feeling so much better, and I am hoping to make this my change of life eating pattern for the rest of my life.  Really cheaper also, cause I find I don't eat as much.  Yeehaw. What a win/win/win.

My grand daughter now has her own apartment, her own space where she doesn't have to share with anyone, she can decorate the way she wants, or not......the transformation in her self esteem is great to see.  I'm glad.....she's extremely talented and that brings back memories of school for me.   We do talk a lot of art; and then watch any/all  cop shows available.  It's fun and I'm glad I can share in it.  Maybe that's why I'm here.......kinda think so.  I'm soooo  glad.

Thanks for reading; I wish you all the very best this day has to offer.  Take care.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Fire is ravaging my old home town area.......many homes burned to the ground.  OMG.  My good friends in Upper County are okay, as are their animals. Thank goodness.

HEAT is ravaging this area in Vancouver......I SO do not like this kind of heat; not healthy for anything except lizards.  Thank goodness we have a pool so the tenants can cool off.  My cats are conked out in front of the fans, and we are all awaiting the arrival of the window A/C I ordered two weeks ago.  Phew !!!!!

My wonderful grand daughter is living with me for a little while, until her apartment is finished; and then for the very first time in her life, she will have a space of her own, such an empowering experience.  We looked at vehicles last night and so that will help her get where she wants to go, whenever she wants to.  I'm excited to watch this transition.....and blessed.  She's very very talented in graphic design; brings back so many memories of doing the same thing; but now my medium is fabric.  Yup, we be creative women here......

I'm grateful for each and every day I get to wake up and make more art.  And each and every night when I finally crash......I'm grateful for the day I had. I think it's called spirituality.  I love it.

Take care.