Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Almost Fall

It's almost Fall, get to smelling like it at times, Fall is my favorite time of the entire year I think......and each year when I get to experience it, I feel blessed.  I am starting a new way of eating, and am loving it, can eat lots of food; mostly fruit and veggies, some Tofu and other good stuff.  Feeling so much better, and I am hoping to make this my change of life eating pattern for the rest of my life.  Really cheaper also, cause I find I don't eat as much.  Yeehaw. What a win/win/win.

My grand daughter now has her own apartment, her own space where she doesn't have to share with anyone, she can decorate the way she wants, or not......the transformation in her self esteem is great to see.  I'm glad.....she's extremely talented and that brings back memories of school for me.   We do talk a lot of art; and then watch any/all  cop shows available.  It's fun and I'm glad I can share in it.  Maybe that's why I'm here.......kinda think so.  I'm soooo  glad.

Thanks for reading; I wish you all the very best this day has to offer.  Take care.

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