Friday, May 24, 2013

Here comes summertime........maybe

WOW, didn't realize it had been so long between blogs.  I am moving into another apt. in the dame complex and will still work for the same management company.  Yahoo; I'll be one story up so will be able to see more of what goes on here; and that's always interesting to say the least.

I am finishing some artist trading cards, actually have finished them, almost 100 of them.  Seems once I started them, the ideas just kept on appearing; loved every second of it.  One more table runner to finish up and then on to the next project.  I love this life I have, so quiet and calm after too many years of chaos and turmoil.  Lordy, don't know how I survived it, but am grateful I did.

My grand daughter is on her own now, so my living space is again very very quiet and serene.  I love her dearly, but also love being alone.  Get soooo much art done it's amazing.

All for now, I wish any/every-one who takes the time to read this the best life has to offer and well being.

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