Monday, November 25, 2013

Woops. Winter

Winter?  I have to take a guess at times.  All is good in my household.  My kitties and I are all fat and sassy, grateful for all we have.......and all we don't have.

For all who read this, I wish you a safe and sane holiday season.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A N D once again we go into Fall, with glorious colors and projects to do. This is absolutely the best time of the year for me. Hope you also enjoy.

And upon moving to another apt.  I lost two cats.  One has returned after three and bone but recovering nicely.  The other.......I never give up hoping he will saunter in my door and complete this little unit I have going here.  My art is being published, and I'm grateful.  My live is serene, peaceful and quite full of all I love.  For that I'm so grateful. I wish all who read this happiness, peace of mind and soul, and lovely dreams and thoughts.  Take care.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Here comes summertime........maybe

WOW, didn't realize it had been so long between blogs.  I am moving into another apt. in the dame complex and will still work for the same management company.  Yahoo; I'll be one story up so will be able to see more of what goes on here; and that's always interesting to say the least.

I am finishing some artist trading cards, actually have finished them, almost 100 of them.  Seems once I started them, the ideas just kept on appearing; loved every second of it.  One more table runner to finish up and then on to the next project.  I love this life I have, so quiet and calm after too many years of chaos and turmoil.  Lordy, don't know how I survived it, but am grateful I did.

My grand daughter is on her own now, so my living space is again very very quiet and serene.  I love her dearly, but also love being alone.  Get soooo much art done it's amazing.

All for now, I wish any/every-one who takes the time to read this the best life has to offer and well being.