Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another Page in my Life

OMG......a new job opportunity.....I accepted.....requires me to move.....I'm excited.  My new apt. is being completely, and I mean COMPLETELY ,  so although it will be a tad smaller than this one, it will be soooo much nicer.  Yeehaw.  I will be able to stop working in retail completely, and focus on what I feel I have been put on earth to  I worked my butt off to get the degree,  the mechanics are implanted, and the ideas abound.  So I'm being given a chance to prove I have the " stuff " to do it.  I'm excited.  The new place is so kitty friendly, they are gonna love it.  Ledges all over the place, almost like race is in the future.  I'm so grateful for this opportunity I can hardly express it.  Later.

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